Emageia and Thinkcube Connect Announce Merger

Emageia (Pvt) Ltd (‘Emageia’) announces its merger with Thinkcube Connect (Pvt) Ltd (‘TCC’). Emageia is a leading Managed IT Services & Cloud Solutions Provider with offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Australia. TCC is a Sri Lankan client-oriented technology developer with unparalleled quality, accountability, and value. The two companies have complementary skillsets and the merger creates significant synergies via improved market reach, optimised resource allocation, and enhanced talent acquisition.  The effective date of the merger is 1 January 2021.

The combined company will operate under Emageia but will retain TCC trade name for consistency with certain existing clients and contracts. Post-merger, the company offers the following business services:

Emageia Co-Founder Varanga de Silva – who was named Chief Technology Officer of the combined entity – said, “Our customers have the vision for a stunning digital experience. We’re the software design and engineering team that can bring it to life. This is an incredible opportunity for us to work together to develop cutting-edge solutions and deliver valuable services to our clients.”

“We are creating a seamless environment for all teammates to thrive,” said Aruna Karunathilake, who became Head of Operations and Software Development. “In order to develop software with unparalleled quality, we incorporate proven industrial standards and rigorous internal processes. We mentor our engineers and invest in their continuous development.”

Ekta Global (formerly Connect East Holdings) invested in TCC in February 2020 and Emageia was spun out of another Ekta entity in October 2019. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Ekta Global aligns the interests of all its investments under its Pillars of Shared Success.

Pillars of Shared Success

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Ekta values and celebrates diverse business cultures.


We seek owner-operators who go the extra mile, putting them ahead of most competition

We encourage a culture of excellence that requires a continued commitment to hone the business value proposition.


Entrepreneurs are empowered by Ekta yet remain in-charge of their ventures

We trust our entrepreneurs to do what is right for their business— not to be reliant on centralized command.


Each business leader’s interest is aligned to deliver at the highest level

We want our business managers to be rewarded for their efforts, and structure partnerships that bring out their best.


Our businesses are encouraged to assist each other to create

The business world is driving towards an era of collaboration. Those with the proper mindset can capture the opportunities.

Ekta places all entities on the same reporting stack, shares its corporate governance principles, and encourages the use of our shared services. This enables each entity to retain its entrepreneurial spirit and unlock synergies, while having proper controls and consistent reporting.

Ekta investments are able to achieve growth through strategic, organic, and synergistic growth.

Ekta Global Resource Model

Ekta investments are able to achieve growth through strategic, organic, and synergistic growth.

Strategic Growth

We identify talented and innovative business owners, with decades of industry experience in building profitable businesses. Although primed for growth after mastering a unique “product-market-fit”, their businesses maybe limited by access to growth capital, weak networks, or poor operational management. Joining Ekta would provide them with benefits of a large group, while retaining a high degree of autonomy.

Organic Growth

Ekta provides the ideal platform to gain critical mass. Participants boost credibility and industry perception. Unburdened by the day-to-day executions challenges, they can take on increasingly larger contracts, improve their ability to attract top-tier talent, and execute on longer-term business plans.

Synergizing Growth

By partnering with Ekta, business gain access to growth capital, discover resource-sharing and cross-selling opportunities, and realize introductions to attractive large clients.

We capitalize on synergies and economies of scale via shared services including human resources, accounting, and IT.

Isuru Seneviratne, the Chief Operations Officer of Ekta Global will assist the combined entity. “Ekta Global is adept at capitalising on counter-cyclical investments – we are growing during the pandemic. I look forward to Emageia achieving its strategic goals, including launching new products and services.”

About Ekta Global

Ekta Global is a Singapore-based accelerator of superior technology and business process outsourcing companies. We offer life-cycle solutions in fintech, e-commerce, and digital transformation – from concept development & advanced technology deployment to ongoing infrastructure support in IT managed services, customer service, and customer support. We seek enterprises that harness technological advancements to meet changing consumption patterns and disrupt old business models. Our investments span Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia, and Singapore.

We invest not just money, but time, effort, industry insights, technology, and global networks to knock down technical, adaption, market, and legislative barriers. We help build superior companies that develop solutions to globally relevant challenges such as digital transformation, financial inclusion, and sustainability.